Information about Residency:
Hello, dear DJ. If you read this text - you're already halfway to becoming a resident Trance Century Radio.

Sending their esters, remember that you're playing on the radio trance!
All ester differ from trance music will be deleted administration until removal of DJ Project, without explanation!
So, a few words about how we're all arranged.
Appearances on Trance Century Radio not direct, but go to the recording, which greatly simplifies the work of DJ's. You do not need to come into the studio and did not even need to be at your computer during your ether, our system will do everything herself. Typical layout of a resident as follows: Record mix -> download the mix on our server -> ether.
Question live is negotiated separately.
Broadcasting system Trance Century Radio is fully automated, all mixes themselves are broadcast at the right time, so all you have to do - just download your mix.
To work on Trance Century Radio you need: equipment for recording mixes, internet access and the ability to use a computer. That's all.
We hope you all understand. Now, please read our rules.

General Requirements It Trance Century
All residents Trance Century Radio observe a few simple rules to explore them:
1. Mixes only need to fill in our FTP (do not be scared :). You can not use file sharing. In an extreme case, if for some reason you have FTP does not work, and no time to sort out, you can download the mix on and send the link editor.
2. Rule 4 esters: 4 missed ether - removal from the grid. If for some reason you can not afford the mix - warn about this in advance.
3. Mix should not flat out anywhere before the broadcast. After - anywhere, in any quantity anywhere, link to Trance Century Radio is required, by the way, how and where to Spread prompt.
4. Observe the stipulated time. If you set aside an hour in the grid - no point in writing the mix for 70 minutes - you just mess up the grid and relations with other DJs, also recall that all work is automatic and just switch to another resident.
5. Use our ships (send link), 2-3 pieces per issue. Also, a warm welcome for its aircraft, jingles and all that.
6. Correctly fill tags and sign files. More about this - after your agreement to these terms.
7. Prohibited from being a bad boy :)

Technical Requirements to send the work:
1. Genre: Trance, Progressive Trance, Vocal Trance, Uplifting Trance (NO Psy or Hard)
2. Duration mix time: 1 hour - 60 - 62 min., ; 2 hour - 120 - 122 min.,
3. Encoding mix: it is desirable - 320kbps, minimum 192kbps, 44100 Hz, Stereo, mp3
4. Silence / voids before and after the mix - no more than 5 seconds.
5. ID3v1/ID3v2 tags mix should be registered compulsorily. Correctly fill tags and sign files. More about this - after your agreement to these terms.
6. Mix should be recorded accurately! (no horses and locomotive:)
7. In the mix should be no advertising except his ID, your page addresses and liners and jingles Trance Century Radio (previously verified)

Additional Material:
1. Your Photo
2. Cover
3. Your biography
4. About Show
5. Links to social / resources

Resident Fee:
Each resident regardless of the names and regalia brings small financial contribution to support the operation Trance Century Radio - this is temporary and is only 4 Euro per month for a 1-hour show, or 6 Euro per month for a 2-hour show.

Attention! After reading the rules, you confirm that you understand how to work on Trance Century Radio. If it turns out that the mix does not hit the airwaves / broke half / stretched for 100,500 hours because you casually read the rules, but was told that read - GoodBye.